Jusan Bank and ATF Bank Combined Their ATM Networks

March 18, 2021, Almaty. – Jusan Bank and ATF Bank have enabled sharing of their ATM networks. There are 1,150 ATMs of the two Banks in total all over Kazakhstan, including 182 ones with the cash-in option.

Clients of Jusan Bank and ATF Bank can use any ATM on "in-house terms," i.e. without any extra fees, to the extent of those limits, which are specified by the Banks' tariffs for intrabank transactions. 

"The unified network of ATMs will serve over one million card holders of the two Banks throughout the Country, thus offering them substantial savings when withdrawing cash," Aibek Kayip, Chairman of the Management Board of Jusan Bank said. "Despite the fact that non-cash payments continue to grow vigorously from year to year, ATMs are still viewed in Kazakhstan as an essential part of the financial ecosystem. Hence, for the sake of our clients' convenience, we have almost doubled the access to cash."

The technical integration will not only allow the clients to withdraw cash, but also to effect other transactions: to transfer money, make mobile payments, and change/set up a PIN-code.

The ATM charges for the two Banks' clients will remain the same. Jusan Pay payment card holders will still be able to withdraw up to 500,000 Tenge per month from any banks' ATM without any fees and withdraw any sum from Jusan Bank and ATF Bank's ATMs. Holders of any cards of ATF Bank, in turn, can withdraw cash from Jusan Bank's ATMs on the same terms as applicable to ATF Bank's ones.



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