About changes in the name of ATFBank

On March 11, 2021 ATFBank name was changed. The Bank has completed the state re-registration procedure with State Corporation “Government for Citizen” NJSC.  

Now full name of the Bank is as follows:  

  1. In Kazakh: «АТФБанк» акционерлік қоғамы («First Heartland Jýsan Bank» акционерлік қоғамының еншілес банкі);
  2. In Russian: Акционерное общество «АТФБанк» (Дочерний банк акционерного общества «First Heartland Jýsan Bank»);
  3. In English: ATFBank» Joint Stock Company (Subsidiary bank of First Heartland Jusan Bank Joint Stock Company).

Abbreviated name of the Bank:

  1. In Kazakh: «АТФБанк» АҚ («Jýsan Bank» АҚ ЕБ);
  2. In Russian: АО «АТФБанк» (ДБ АО «Jýsan Bank»);
  3. In English: «ATFBank» JSC (SB of Jusan Bank JSC). 

Given the change of the Bank’s name, the Bank’s seals, stamps and letterheads will be changed too. Other details remain unchanged.