Pay for your purchases for 10,000 tenge or more with MC BlackEdition* card and take part in a cash prize draw

Grand prize – 1,000,000
Second place – 800,000
Third place – 500,000

600 more winners will get minor prizes of 10,000 tenge based on the results of draws for 100 people every month.

To participate:

  1. Pay for a purchase of at least 10,000 tenge with MC BlackEdition card between June 15 and December 15, 2020;
  2. Make purchases in a month totaling at least 50,000 tenge;
  3. Make sure that payments have been processed successfully;
  4. The minimum total transaction period (card operations) for receiving the grand prize is 3 months.

The more you buy with MC BlackEdition card, the higher your chances of winning!


  • Chargebacks are not eligible for the draw;
  • The main prize can be won only once, minor prize can be won more than once;
  • The winners will be determined by random number generator on December 28, 2020;
  • The Promo extends to MC BlackEdition cards issued as part of Premium packages (at standard rates; gift cards ARE NOT eligible)

Enjoy your shopping and don’t miss your chance!