ATFBank payroll card: 3% cashback and 1,000,000 tenge as a prize!

Dear customers of ATFBank,

do you get your salary on ATFBank card?

If so, get even more money on your bank card: 3% cashback* in real cash for all non-cash ** transactions at the outlets across and beyond Kazakhstan!

All it takes to get an increased cashback is: 

  1. To get monthly salary on your ATFBank card,
  2. To use it to pay for purchases or services for any amount within a month 

But that's not all! We will hold a monthly drawing of 1,000,000 tenge among all ATFBank payroll cardholders! Do you want to be a participant?

Then make purchases of goods and services for at least 60,000 tenge per month and, perhaps, you will win a large cash prize! The winner will be announced once a month by random selection. The promotion will last from June to September only! Don't miss your chance to become a millionaire with ATFBank payroll card!

* The maximum monthly payment is 35,000 KZT 
** CashBack is not available for the following types of transactions:

  1. operations in gambling and sweepstakes;
  2. transactions related to the purchase of lottery tickets and bonds;
  3. refund transactions for goods/services;
  4. transfer operations within the bank and outside the bank;
  5. payment for state, telecommunications, transport and utilities services;
  6. transactions related to the replenishment of electronic wallets, payment for the services of suppliers of goods / services through ATM, Internet banking, Mobile banking.